Our Mission

Our mission is to help kids with serious health afflictions shoot for the stars.

We aim to help kids with long-term afflictions or serious illnesses expand and surpass their limits by reminding them how AMAZING they are. Whether their own imaginary limits are perceived by themselves or by others, we want kids with afflictions or illnesses to be and feel like healthy kids - limitless.


Our Inspiration


On January 15th, 2014, my 3-year old nephew, Arjun, was diagnosed with ALL or Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia. This was shocking news to my family as my sweet, cheerful, always-smiling nephew was a completely healthy kid before the diagnosis. He has now undergone treatment for more than a year and still has almost 2 years of treatment left. Arjun is 5 years old and fighting the disease like a champ.


Soon after I heard the news, I had to do something to help - my innocent, little nephew had leukemia and he was only three! Three years old! He shouldn’t have a care in the world.  I started @SuperDuperArjun on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter where people from across the globe got involved.  I began by asking friends and family to hold up a sign with "Super Duper Arjun #YouAreSuperDuper” on it because it made Arjun smile!  From there, pictures rolled in with countless faces & smiles showing their support.  I even lost count of how many countries pictures have come from.  There has been a global showing of support for Super Duper Arjun!


I created @SuperDuperArjun to keep his spirits high during the 3.5 years of expected treatment.  A long, long, long road for Arjun, our family, and our nearest & dearest.

To my surprise, @SuperDuperArjun may have have lifted his parents’ spirits just as much as they did Arjun's.  As I’ve learned, cancer or other afflictions affecting kids can be just as tough on the family in some ways - mentally & emotionally - as the patients themselves.


From my experience as an uncle dealing with a family member having cancer, it sucked.  It sucked a lot.  Especially affecting my nephew as an innocent, little child who used fit in the crook of my arm as a baby.

I, now, want to expand @SuperDuperArjun to other kids and take the “Super Duper” as a recognizable symbol.  So many children with illness and disease could use more support; the mental & emotional challenge is as important as the physical battle they face each day. Your Are Super Duper is about them.

- Arul Velan aka Uncle Arul  




Sponsorship & Fundraising

Our intent is to make all of our events free for kids with cancer and give them a chance to engage & push their limits, without being limited by the cost of the event or financial hardship their families may face.  In the future, we want to provide an opportunity to thousands of kids with serious afflictions - reach out if you want to lend a hand with fundraising and finding like-minded sponsors.


The Community Committee is designed to interface with families, parents and children- our efforts are focused on connecting with children with cancer and their families and encourage their involvement in the event. We are also involved in garnering local community involvement in the event (sponsors, volunteers) and spreading the word about our event/purpose through various social medias, etc.


The operations committee is responsible for ensuring that You Are Super Duper events are an amazing experience for everyone through the management of all logistical and internal business needs.  Our efforts are focused on event planning, financial management, safety, internal operation support, and legal compliance.


The Marketing Committee creates design and marketing collateral to facilitate our community and sponsors  in spreading the word about our cause through various social medias and off-line campaigns. We aim to create content that will inspire others and engage the world in our journey.